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Hi, just trying to gauge thoughts and ideas, if you were able to purchase a full induction package from a training provider what would you like to see in it?


Some ideas so far include the obvious safeguarding, h&s, inclusion but also introduction to the EYFS, team work, communication.


Thanks in advance

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I think its a good idea but induction is so subjective to each setting so it would need to be quite general. There are lots of examples online and we have put ours together using some of these ideas and doing lots of tweaking to suit our particular setting.

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The NDNA have a great training programme about the induction process which I went to last summer...covering what to include, why it's important etc.


As a new nursery, I based my induction process on this NDNA advice and training and actually spent last Saturday all day doing Induction training and finalising the pack with my new staff team. It may not be that helpful at all, as other have said induction is so unique but...the EYFS does state quite clearly now what we must do/include as well. So, in case it could help, I included the following:


Welcome pack/staff handbook:

Induction and it's importance

Introduction about us, including our vision, aims and philosophy of care

Top 12 policies and procedures

(I chose:

  1. Safeguarding Children and child protection
  2. Code of professional Conduct
  3. Mobile phones, use of cameras and recording devices and social networking
  4. Supervision – of children and visitors
  5. Accidents, Injuries and First Aid
  6. Health and Safety including Risk assessment
  7. Emergency Evacuation
  8. Managing Behaviour
  9. Equality and Inclusion - Equal Opportunities and Special Educational Needs
  10. Children and their families – Parents and carers as partners
  11. Confidentiality
  12. No smoking, alcohol and other forbidden substances)

About your employment and your role

Health and Safety and how it relates to your job and the nursery

Helpful hints and tips (i.e. about spending time with the children, manual handling, getting to know parents etc)


Training pack/day:

Aims and objectives

The Induction process

EYFS relevant safeguarding and welfare requirements

About us – vision, aims and philosophy of care

Safeguarding and child protection

Health and safety including risk assessment and emergency evacuation

Effective practice – partnerships with parents

The key person system

Enabling environments for children

Inclusive practice – equal opportunities and special educational needs

What makes a great team


We then went through the contents of ALL policies and procedures and important induction topics such as pay date, probation period, meeting the team (and other HR things) and decided as a team if they should be done on





So everyone was also clear on the importance of each part of their induction and what was involved and when.


We then showed a 'checklist' type sheet for their staff file showing when each part of the process was done, understood, and who carried it out (across the probation period - for us - 6 months)


I hope this might give some ideas??


After literally spending days and days on this let me know if you want a look at anything, be happy to share...time is money!



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Guest lillybeth

That sounds brilliant I would love to look at anything you have prepared. We had our pre registration meeting with Ofsted today. I have mentioned previously myself and two members of staff are joining what was a child minding setting, it is changing to childcare on domestic premises so we are fusing two staff teams. What you have written about has given me some wonderful ideas thank you x

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That sounds fantastic, would be very interested in seeing what you have. i struggle with inductions, there is so much in it that seems that it is almost too much for people to take in. Am in the process of reinducting everyone - so I know all is up to date!


My LA is rubbish thats all i have to say!!

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