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Does anyone have a 'Cool Milk' fridge? We have ordered one but are now wondering if it will fit!

Can anyone tell me what make and size fridge they have been given and whether it has a freezer compartment? I know it will be with us shortly, but if I could find out in advance I can plan where to put it; it's easier to ask on the forum than to find time to contact Cool Milk!! ;)

We have asked for a small fridge.

Can anyone hep?


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Didn't know Cool Milk did fridges. Have you bought it from them? Our little fridge that we kept milk in in our Pre-school Room has just broken, so I'm interested to find out about a Cool Milk one.


You can get one on FREE loan (I guess permanent loan whilst you deal with Cool Milk). If you google 'Coolmilk' it tells you how to order one - takes 5 days apparently!


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Are you a school setting DevonMaid? I just looked on their website and it looks as if schools can get a free fridge and nurseries get...free beakers!


Oh no - that's awful! I'm in a school nursery.

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I have just checked on their site - yes, it mentions the beakers but if you click pre-schools then


Want to find out more? Click on the PLA logo and you will find this ...


Why choose Cool Milk?
Cool Milk offers a service that means you simply place your order for milk, have it delivered and that’s it – no paperwork, no fuss and no waiting for payments.

right_sign.jpgNo more arranging milk deliveries or purchasing from a supermarket.

right_sign.jpgNo more paying for milk and having to claim it back.

right_sign.jpgNo more saving receipts and completing claim forms.

right_sign.jpgFree beakers with a handy fill-line.

right_sign.jpgFree fridge (if you provide milk for over 50 children per day and are in a secure location).

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