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Hello I'm New To The Forum And Seeking Support


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Firstly Hello Everyone,


I was surfing around on the net looking for somewhere to pull guidance from and I found this place. I read through and joined up straight away as I think (& Hope) that its just what I'm looking for.



I am recently new provider in England and so have been dealing wth the fs for almost a year. Prior to that I was working in scotland and using a different programme.


I had ofsted in last week and although it all went well, the planning and assessment etc was an area identified as needing development (I knew this and had been working on it already) Our ofsted inspector was very helpful and made some suggestions but I would like to find a simpler way of doing it.


I think i drag it on too much, theres a lot of writing and I may make it more in depth than necessary but I just dont know!!


Help, lol!!


At present our long term plan is a grid displaying the topics to be covered the festivals included and the numbers of the aspects of learning to be covered in each area. - Do you think this is acceptable? Are the numbers necessary? I feel that it sort of dictates learning rather than it come from the child although we always keep it open to change.


From this we then do monthly plans, One sheet will pinpoint the stepping stones we want to cover within the aspects of learning throughout the month. Another will put activity suggestions to link to this. We also have a spider diagram with lots of suggestions linking in.


Our weekly plans (again in two parts) Show which equipment is being made available during freeplay (to ensure rotation) and adult led activities for each area.


I know its not right and I have changed the format a good few times. Ofsted said it isn't clear where it all links in and that perhaps I should write individual activity plans. Does that mean in addition to my weekly plans write in detail what to be done? I dont suppose I need an adult led activity in every area every day, in fact I know I dont.


I know the planning could be som much simpler but I'm just unsure and dont want to leave anything out!!


Anyone who could offer advice or suggestions would be a big help. :D


Sorry for the ramble, lol :o



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Hi Nic, your planning sounds a lot like mine used to be. I did indivdual activity plans for about three activities a week. There are many examples of planning on here but I dare'nt try a link to them, not quite my forte. :o

Hopefully you'll find what you need from others. :D:D

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Hi there nic. First of all welcome in, and yes you have come to the right place for help and support...


We have had a lot of conversatiosn on aspects of planning and this should tell you that you are not alone.


We wrote our LTP based on the aspects of the curriculum we hoped to cover when and then choose the topics as the vehicle to deliver this. This gives us the felxibility to change topics, or go with the childrens ideas.

We have recently abandonned the idea of a lenghty MTp plan but just indicate the 'sorts' of activities we may include under each area of learning.


We then re wrote out STP to include focus adult led activities and free flow activities...we then record when these change (as they often do when children go off in another direction or when we have staff absent and no cover etc etc.).


We know it isnt quite right yet and see it very much as a work in progress. Our priority was to not keep repeating the same information.


The number of adults you have will determine the number of adult led activities you can have at any one time. We have only shared TA in reception so very often the teacher is on their own.


I know that others will pop in with lost iof useful replies but in the meatime have a look at some of the previous covesations..






focusactivity planning




this is by no mens exhustive but it may give you a start..happy hunting..

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Hi nic,


I hope you have a happy time reading through some of the past topics. I think the reasuring thing you will get out of it is that everyone is struggling with the same thorny problem. As you will see, I am in Scotland so won't be much use to you in this area. :D


Welcome to the forum though, I'm sure our paths will cross again. :)

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:D You've all been very helpful so far, and I've been able to get lots of examples to look at and pick over.


Seeing how others do it and what works for them is often a good basis for making your own changes.


So thank you very much everyone.


Nic x

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Guest alisonjayne

Just a quick welcome Nic and you've come to the right place for support.... This site has been a very valuable source of advice as well as information and it's so quick


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