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Fee Increase Sept 2013

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Currently our funded 2 year olds get £6 per hour ( 3 & 4 get £3.60) but from September this is going down to £5.50 per hour. As I understood it this is happening to all boroughs and is a reduction from central govt.

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Our fees are going up a little:


£5.15 ph from £5.00 per hour for 2 year olds (funded rate is £5.15ph and we have lots of funded 2s coming)


£4.60 ph from £4.50 for 3 & 4 year olds' extra hours


No one has objected so far. Our funding rates are very difficult to express as an hourly rate because we get an annual deprivation sum based on the January headcount but the actual amount this works out at per hour over the base rate depends how many children we end up with each term.


We usually have enough 3 and 4s and I prefer not to have too many younger ones as in my experience they need a HIGHER than 1:4 ratio (don't get me started on the Minister's plans to make this 1:6) so they are, frankly, very expensive.

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