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We have been having lots of discussions about judgements and where children are in accordance with the development matters statements and logging on to an assessment sheet to ensure progress etc.


However when making a judgments to say if a child is 30-50 or 40-60 how precise do you get?


I.e. if the child has achieved all of the 30-50 statements and is working at 40-60 would you say they are 30-50 as they have achieved or 40-60 as that's where they are developing?


Then what if they have most of 30-50 and some 40-60 where do you say they are then?


I'm getting myself in a right pickle as I think I am thinking too much!!! :(

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The statements in the bands are just some of the many things a child might do. In both of your scenarios I would say emerging 40 - 60. It's making a developmental best fit judgement so it's not precise in that way.


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