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Summative Assessment -Moving On Documaent


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I have recently accessed the training Moving on Up- Summative Assessment for leaving pre-school.


We were told that the new summative assessment document would be available on his site to download. It was named Summative Assessmet-Moving on and we were all given a copy to take away. I have searched but to no avail. If anyone can please tell me, is this document available yet? If so where can I find it as a download?


It would be far easier to complete and to personalise as an electronic copy


Many thanks

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Hi elephant - Welcome to the FSF!


When you say 'his site' are you referring to a person, or is it a typo and you meant 'this site'? Might be a daft question but I'm not sure if you're saying someone has told you that some documentation would be available here?

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Hi elephant01


Welcome to the forum :D


I see you are registered as an East Sussex person and mollypiper is correct the information is in the East Sussex forum area.


When you go to the forum index page here the first forum area you will see at the top of the page is 'Your local authority forum area' and underneath you should see East Sussex. Click into the forum area and you will see a sub-forum called 'Resources' and the document is in there.


I hope this helps but feel free to contact me directly if you are having difficulties sue@eyfs.info


Best wishes


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