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I.T. help needed please!


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I would like to try and copy the example profile info from the foundation stage info online but because it's a pdf file (im guessing !) it will not allow me to copy and paste.....so clever people out there How do i copy and paste from this document?



(if the government is going to produce everything online can they not make it a bit easier to copy stuff???????)







Do you know there's a business oppotunity here to teach IT skills...shame i'm rubbish at it i could make a fortune! :P

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It is possible to copy from PDF into word. Have a blank word document open and your PDF file. Highlight the blocks of text you want and press Ctrl c to copy it, then click in your word document and press Ctrl v. You may find you need to do a page at a time depending on which versions you have. You'll need to spend a while formatting too, as it just copies as blocks of text, so doesn't look the same, but it's still quicker than typing it yourself generally.

Send it to me if you want - I'm not flat out busy tonight. Can pm you the email address


Some of the more up to date versions of adobe have a 'transfer to word' button on the top right (I think it is)

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