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I use Excel to do my bookkeeping.


On one sheet I have my income with column headings as appropriate e.g., income for non-funded, income that is funded etc. This page also has a running total for any cash in hand and the main formulae to calculate income and outgoings, bank reconciliations etc.


On the second sheet of have my outgoings again with column headings as appropriate e.g., debits out, cash out, wages, insurance, phone, rent, rates etc.


The two sheets link via the totalling formulae.


I do a new spreadsheet for each month - not as bad as it sounds as once you have a master one up and running you just copy it for the next month and clear out all the previous month's date (taking care not to delete the formulae).



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Hi Sue,


Im not at all clever with Exel!


I DID set up a spread sheet like yours to calculate and work out marks and averages for my classes when I was teaching in the Middle East though.


Are you able to merge the spreadsheet information into invoices or statements for each of your parents? I find it so tedious having to keep track of small changes in the monthly charges for individual families.

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I use the spreadsheets for the accounts.


I also have a different spreadsheet that calculates all the children's fees (one line for each child's fees) and tally's up the income expected/due termly but I haven't tried using them for invoicing - we are a sessional term time setting so our billing to parents (for those that have bills - lots have funded sessions only and therefore no bill) is done by giving them a payment card - parents then pay weekly, forthnightly, monthly etc in advance as we don't run any arrears system to ensure that they can't rack up lots of debt.


I find the fees spreadsheet useful for keeping track of what the LA should be paying me as their calcs are not always correct!


Sorry I can't be more helpful about the exporting stuff out

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