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Holiday club for Nursery /Reception


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Hello Everyone,

After some advice .... Do you run a holiday club ?

We are hoping to start up a holiday club in our Nursery for reception and Nursery aged children and would very much like any tips / advice you can give... for instance

Can you let me know the going rate for a session / hourly rate that you charge ..... the sort of activities the children you do. So we can gage whether it will be viable to run one.

I look forward to chatting to you all


regards Kaz :D



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I wonder if you could link up with other local setting hat offer holiday clubs to older children too. So where they don't cover your age range, you could cross promote for those parents who don't know what to do with their younger one. That could also give you a benchmark for charging and hours.

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I run a holiday club for one week during the summer holidays - have done for the past 5 years or so.


We apply for local grants - which we have always got luckly. The cost to parents was 12.50 per day last year


The session is 4 hours long.


However the cost will go up this year to 5.00 per hour as its become so popular I'm needing more staff to enable it to run.


Let me know if you require any further info ?

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Sorry to answer the part about activities - we do more relaxed activities than when we are at pre school.


We have found over the years that the children who attend are really only wanting to play with their friends that they've missed over the holidays. Due to this we have a few fun activities - plate decorating, cooking, face painting, making picture frames, to name but a few.


We also have out the regulars - sandpit, water, slide, puzzles, play dough etc.


We are lucky that sch also have a holiday club that runs at the same time so we join in with them on set days, whilst there we play music with the steel band, participate in magic shows etc.

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