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Progress Summaries- where to store


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Where do you keep children's progress summaries? We currently put one copy in the child's learning journey and keep a copy in their personal file. We also have a copy saved on the computer.


Also, how much detail do you put on these summaries. We do them once each term and I think we may be putting too much on them as they take such a long time to do!


Any advice?

Thanks x

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We do progress sheets every 6 - 8 weeks (or equivalent of every half term) but we only put on them progress since last review. I ask my staff to make one or two statements per area of learning so they don't take very long. We used to keep them in the child's learning journey, but we have switched over to Tapestry so now each key person has a file with their key children's progress sheets. We've heard that progress monitoring will be added to Tapestry at some point so that will make life easier! :1b

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