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Questions to ask at consultation evening


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I'm going to a consultation event on Monday called Early Education and staff deployment.


Can you help me with a list of things to think about bringing up because I know I'll forget and this is my chance to make sure we can get our views across.


Any links would be good too, comments from the public and professionals so back up our views should it come to it.

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I have very few details, Birmingham EYCC sent an email inviting people to the evening and I put my name down. Nothing else has come through except the confirmation.

but, I am presuming its due to the Truss report.

I'm dragging our manager along with me so I hope its a worthwhile event!

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Well where would I start?

1.changes to ratios

2 the undefined qualifications targets for applying increased ratios

3.the issues facing already underfunded 2 and 3 year old provisions with higher qualified (and therefore impied) higher paid staff (the maths just does not add up)

4.the removal of space requirements for under 5's

5.the continued inequity of EYPs to QTS

6.the funding of childminder agencies (HOW?????)

7.the inevitable impact that ratio changes will have on safeguarding, as we all ony have 2 eyes and 2 hands, regardless of ratios.

8.the dispopularity of the Truss report with parents....just read the vitriol that Mumsnet parents gave Lizz Truss on mumsnet

9.the need to have high quality LEA training and advisors, something Truss seems to think a bit of online CPD and an Ofsted inspection can replace. i think not.

10.the role of very experienced but unqualified staff..are we to sack them?

11.the reality that more children = more paperwork, but not more time to do it

I'm sure I will think of more...............

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Blimey, you've put more thought into this than I have!

I would have left out the EYP, because I'm not one nor do we have we one.

I wouldnt have thought about the childminders becoming part of an agency either.

Thanks,I'll be doing some reading this weekend! :D

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Ditto eyfs1966 and also


Why is it that Truss' proposals conveniently ignore a raft of respected early years research about the interdependency of high ratios, high quality early years care and education and the long term benefits to children including the as yet unpublished report by Professor Helen Peen and Ms Eva Lloyd commissioned by the Department for Education.


What justification is there for "cherry picking" elements of other models in the belief that they will sit within the English early years care and education legislative framework.

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