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Cross referencing the Development Matters statements


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Apologies if this has been asked before or is somewhere very obvious, but my head is swimming and I can't find anything today - even my scarf! I was wondering if anyone had come across or devised a table/chart/document which cross referenced the Development Matters statements. For example when I assess a child involved in reading and listening to stories I can choose to assess them against:

Communication and Language; Listening and Attention; Listens to stories with increasing attention and recall


Literacy; Reading; Listens to stories with increasing attention and recall


I know that there aren't necessarily that many repeated statements across the whole document but if I had a document which showed where they were I thought it would mean I didn't keep missing an obvious assessment point.


I'm about to hand over all my records and files to the returning teacher so I really want everything to be as complete as possible - which is probably why I am trying to do this on a Friday night!

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would be a useful tool. i just look through at mo, which is a good way to ensure i become familiar with all statements in bands, especially as i'm working from 16-26 months to 40-60+ with my nurdery class! i'll watch with interest.................. x

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