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For my research project I am looking at the outdoor environment in particular boys accessing more than girls. I am looking at the resources but also at adult preconceptions.

I would like to use a parent questionnaire for part of this research and wondered if anyone had any good ideas for questions to put on it!! Some ideas I have had are:


Are you happy for your child to get muddy/dirty at Pre-School

Do you feel boys take more risks that girls

Does your child have access to an outdoor environment at home

Do you feel outdoor play is important





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Does your child show a keenness to go outdoors ?

( I know we have a couple that have to be coaxed and cajoled to go out, and I know it should be their choice but when only 1/2 it makes it very difficult to keep staff ratios correct)


Would be good to see your finished questionnaire Kristina :)

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What about the parents childhood experiences outdoors; often the messages we give as an adult we've received as a child but times move on.


So for eg one of my staff wasn't allowed out when it rained when they were little so never thought to take the children out at nursery when it was wet...and she was reluctant when it was suggested. It was a subconscious thing and didn't come to light until we did a staff meeting around our thoughts of free flow play. It was very enlightening! We then asked parents to think back about their early times outside, and some of those who had been given the same message about the rain remember feeling disgruntled and so vowed they'd never say it to their children, others were conditioned in to feeling the same: if it rains, you stay in. Fascinating

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Ooh very interesting.

What do you think an outside environment should provide.

What are your own experiences of outdoor play when you were young.

( not sure where you are, but this maybe very different depending on where they grew up).

Do you consider the outdoors environment important.( why?).

What are your best childhood memories of the outdoors.

Just a few suggestions, do please come back and share your findings.


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