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Diploma in Pre School Practice Level 3


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Hello everyone,


I am studying this diploma course after sooo many years so excuse me for being slow


i am a distant learner studying through NEC .. there is not much help towards the course and most of the reading in the folders are old now


i see that the EYFS has once again been revised (im trying to read & understand that atm)


I need help like ASAP lol i have to hand this unit in this week


Anyways i will post the questions here that i need help on.. i have bits and bobs but not enough words so any suggestions are more then welcome


id really appreciate it


nice to be on this forum :-)


thanks in advance x



Identify 3 or more ways in which parents already participate in the learning and development activities of an early years setting. For each one explain how both the parents and the children can benefit.


b )
identify 3 or more NEW ways in which you can encourage parents to participate MORE in the learning and development activities with setting


Evaluate how effective you are at getting parents involved in the learning and development of their children
(what am i suppose to write 400 words about lol)



Identify six experiences/activities in your curriculum plan. For each one explain how it meets the early learning goals for children at TWO different stages of development. Explain how each of these activities provide a LEARNING opportunity for each child. This might mean making is simpler for some children, and extending the activity for some children. You should be using the EYFS so this means (i) two different development matters statements for each activity (ii) explaining what you will do to differentiate the activity for each ability group in order to help children achieve each appropriate learning goal


for this i have choose finger painting and water play activities from the 2 week plan



c) Choose a profile and give their age, gender and a short description of their SKILLS (from their profile) then choose two activities from the curriculum plan and explain how these two activities will progress their skills in at least TWO areas. Show that you can plan for the INDIVIDUAL child as well as the group. The principle here is that you are building on CURRENT skills, so the activities you choose must clearly link to the skills you have identified for this child


i dont have a profile that i can use so not sure what to do




d) Identify how an early years setting can involve parents to create a profile of their child’s on going progress

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Hello mzangel88 and welcome to the forum :1b


As I said when I answered your pm - it's a long time since I did my DPP - interestingly I also used NEC distance learning and I empathise with you completely as I can remember feeling quite 'unsupported'.......


Can you ask for an 'extension' - I'm sure that this will be granted........this will give you a little more time to gather your thoughts.


I really hope that someone who is currently undertaking their DPP will come along to help you.......

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Me too,

I am doing the same and find it really hard to get motivated, get my head around the planning and write the assignments. I am in the middle of the two week plan. God knows when I will finish. I did the first part and got a pass but i did make an error with the 'you'. I used it in a general way rather than a more personal/individual manner. I found that part really interesting and I can say it filtered into my play center in positive actions. How was your plan? There are just so many formats and I am stuck on linking it to ELG's and individual children. We do it very differently here and so I am planning for two places, my work and my assignments. Hence the mad confusion.

Anyway, good luck and if you want a 'study buddy'. you can email me:


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Hi and welcome :D


The first question has a lot to do with how you work with your parents so I did some searching for some threads about getting parents involved that might give you some ideas as well as identifying the things you already do in the setting.

Parental Partnership Policy


Wow stickers


Parental Contributions to Learning Journeys?


Termly Parent info form?


Hope these help a bit



Admin team

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Need help please. How can I differentiate between the youngest, middle and highest ability children in my group using the same activity? I am a bit stuck so any advice would be much appreciated. All I am thinking is that for example with a mud kitchen and restaurant, the younger children would be happy mixing and pouring, while the middle ones would like to fetch and carry to tables etc, the highest level/older kids would be involved in more of the role play of the restaurant. Am I on the completely wrong track here?

PS. Chuc Mung Nam Moi ! Happy New Year!




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Hi mzange118,

from your second section labelled © if you are working in an early years setting you should have access to a profile or learning journey where you can look at a childs current interests and development, and then link it to your curriculum planning to see how this addresses that particular child. keep it simple, don't try and overthink it, they just want to know that you can idetify a child's interest and current level of development and how this can be taken to the next level. For example if you have a child that loves outdoor play, you need to maximise on the this opportunity and make sure that you are addressing all areas of development in the outdoor area - not just physical.


The new EYFS isnt that different, I personally find it easier as it offers more freedom to follow the childrens interests



I think you have differentaition sorted - again keep it simple dont overthink it!

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  • 1 year later...

Hi everyone,

Ive been on this course for a while now through NEC and have fallen way behind due to lots of family issues, im struggling to juggle work,course and kids, ive just renewed the course for a year and that is all i have left so i have to get it done as part of the terms of my employment. i find that my tutor isnt that helpful or supportive and i find that i no longer want to go to her for help.

id appreciate any help i can get with getting assignments and coursework done, ive gone through the file work but havent completed essays. not ideal i know but sitting down to do them never happens.



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Hi Sarah


Feel free to PM me, It took me a long time to do my course, I spent ages reading the files and feeling overwhelmed, I have just recently completed the course (received my cert last week) - never thought I would!! You can do it!!!!!

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