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People who help us - Fire fighters


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Is it just me or does anyone else find this topic hard to plan for? The first two weeks of term i have set the 'person' for people who help us - we have covered refuse collectors and the post office so far. The children have now got to grips with the idea and have said they want to learn about the police force (which i have planned) and firefighter (which i have not).


I have no idea where to start - i've trawled through this sight and the tes but am struggling big time.

Is there anybody who has covered this topic that is willing to share their planning or give me any ideas on what a (quite boisterous) class would enjoy.


Many thanks in advance - and i hope you're enjoying the snow (if you've got some)


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a former colleague left a pair of boots for children to find and then set about who they thought they belonged too - poster and photos put up and then the children received a reply from the owner of the boots ( her husband - a fire fighter) the letter asked could he come in and collect them and then brought fire engine and crew .

and then develop idea with role play , movement music etc

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you just need chairs/hose etc outside (or in) and they'll make their own fire engine. pop nearby a phone/ old mobiles/pads/pens/walkie talkie etc. maybe a hoop for steering wheel? got any fireman sam books? video clips? if you are reception and do biff and chip books for reading scheme there is a story about a cat needing rescuing from a tree. and there's a nice song 5. will try to add link




could do for 10 if reception x

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