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Hi All

Happy New Term and Happy New Year to all us "special" staff!!!

Been ill most of the hols with mega cough/cold virus so not done as much as I would have liked - gulp!!!

Just wondered if any of you wonderful folk could suggest any simple songs/rhymes for our topic The World in my Town please.

Hoping to do - our homes, our school, places in our town eg farm, shops etc and people in our town.

Got some but thought you great people might have some different ones for inspiration

Thank You Very Much and have a good term

There if can ever help


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could you adapt familiar songs to suit the places you are visiting? e.g. old macdonald could be changed to the name of a pet shop Mrs/Mr xxxx had a pet shop eieio and in that pet shop he/she had a xxx etc

or Here we go round the mulberry bush - this could be adapted to include areas in your locality "Here we go down to xxxx lane/road/street or 'this is the way to xxx street' 'Let's all go to the post office/supermarket etc

Does this make sense?

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Guest Wolfie

I know you've probably already got it/looked there but This Little Puffin by Elizabeth Matterson always comes up with something for me - there's an In The Town section in there.

Edited by Wolfie
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Thanks folks, knew you fanatstic people would help me out. So very grateful and think the bug is finally going - phew!!! Think I must be allergic to hols, as nearly always get one of the class bugs as soon as school finishes!!!! Ah well, wouldn't change my job for anything!!!!

Happy New Term


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