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Hi is anyone else having problems with milk deliveries from suppliers - we use Scotts milk who gave us a fridge , free fruit and bread and a good service- middle of last erm there were some issues and we no longer got our fruit and bread and then no milk due to issues with NMRU, despite speaking to them and confirming our claims , I cannot get any response from Scotts despite numerous attempts and email - so frustrated and annoyed to think I recommended them on here - and I reall y don't want to return the fridge if i go elsewhere !! :wub:

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I read something about Scotts in Nursery World here is the headline



Health and Nutrition


Nurseries left in the lurch by free milk supplier

Vesela Gladicheva, 19 December 2012, 4:18pm

Some nurseries have been left without their free milk entitlement after a leading supplier stopped milk deliveries, because health chiefs allegedly found apparent discrepancies in its claims.

If you put Nursery World Scotts milk in google you can read the whole article.

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oh dear a mixed bag of comments - we shall see what happens -


Smiles - I bought a nokia mobile phone from Tesco with sim for £9.00 no camera so in line with s/g policy , and when you top up £10 you get double credit for the month - got pac code from vodafone so we can keep number :D

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Thanks sunnday! i wish it was better news though :( ive had the same trouble getting through, when i finally did before christmas i was told that they are a few weeks behind in their emails! they dont seem behind in validations though, funnily enough they are hot on getting their money. I think i might complain to NMRU and see where that gets me.

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