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Our children are really interested in playing with the dolls at the moment and will spend most of the session pushing prams and changing the dolls clothes.


We have decided to use this interest as our next topic and set up a baby care centre role play area. We thought about having a baby changing area, play area, weighing/measuring the babies, feeding area.

Has anyone else does this role play and got any great ideas??


Also, has anyone got any activities ideas that we could use for this topic??

We have thought about getting children to bring in baby photos and making a lift the flap book and talk about differences.


We also thought about talking about the things we can do that babies can't and would like to make a display based on this but not sure how we could do that??


Sorry for the long post- still in Christmas mode so my mind has gone blank!


Thanks in advance xx

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Have you got a friendly health visitor or nurse who would pay a visit and share her knowledge and resources to do with babies/toddlers? Or a parent with a newborn baby? First hand experiences like these might give you ideas for all sorts of other activities - the children's responses to the visit will tell you what interests them. They could also be a bit of a transporting schema going on with some of the children pushing prams - maybe observe to see if that extends into other areas and provide suitable resources?

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