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hi all

ive just joined this site as i have been scouring the internet for help on planning, i have had the revised training but am still stuck in the old eyfs ways, I childmind and have always done longterm planning and weekly themed plans, it says that the paperwork is less but i dont see how.

i have done some longterm planning but do we still need to do the themes and make it more child led or do we not do themes but go buy the childs interests etc,

I have some of your good ideas and others but just need a few things clarifying

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Hi. We sometimes do a project as a sort of provocation to get things going, we're going to be looking at aspects of room on the broom, for instance when we go back. From that, I hope that children will find their own explorations, and you can't plan for those in advance. The only things I really plan for are the letters and sounds things.

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