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changes to responsibilities for ratios in childminders setting


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Morning all,gosh feel like Ive been in another world recently. Last week I recieved a letter from ofsted with the changes to responisibilites regarding registration certificate and ratios. included was a form for me to sign to determine whether i would be appealing against the decision they have made to put the onus on us re the ratios etc. Can anyone bring me up to speed or direct me on this ? I feel its just another way for them to check we know or stuff at inspection but am i missing the bigger implications ?


thanks in advance. I did fiind a post way back in June that mentioned the specific changes to responsibilities but nothing since then.


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Hi waveawand,


In a nutshell we no longer have to apply for a Deed of Variation if we wish to have, for example, 2 babies under 1 year, as long as we stick to the 6 under age 8 ratio.


However, you would have to demonstrate at inspection that you had considered all the implications and be able to evidence this. Realistically, you'd still have to put together a business case to support your decision and have it on record to discuss with the inspector.


There's lots more about it here http://www.childmindinghelp.co.uk/freeresources/Free%20downloads/Resources/Childminder%20variations%20from%2009.2012.pdf


Hope that helps



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Hi there, have you checked your EYFS?


EYFS Statutory Framework 2012

3.40 If a childminder can demonstrate to parents and/or carers and inspectors, that the individual needs of all the children are being met, then exceptions to the usual ratios can be made when childminders are caring for sibling babies, or when caring for their own baby. If children aged four and five only attend the childminding setting before and/or after a normal school day, and/or during school holidays, they may be cared for at the same time as three other young children. But in all circumstances, the total number of children under the age of eight being cared for must not exceed six.


The key bits are "sibling babies" or "when caring for their own baby". It does not allow you to take on more business.


Also see the Ofsted factsheet.-

Factsheet: childcare - The numbers and ages of children that providers on the Early Years and Childcare Registers may care for


18 Dec 2012 Ofsted

Ref: 120117


Hope this helps

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