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Just wondering how you share children's health info with all staff. I have been thinking of having a file so that if a child has health related issues, dietary issues etc. it is in one place for staff to see, rather than trawling through files.


What do you do?



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We have a poster with the names and photos and what food they can't have, any medical notes, or allergies, displayed in the kitchen, which is where the first aid bag is and the medicines as well as where we prepare food, of course. It has staff as well as children, so everyone can see I've got asthma and am allergic to kiwis. There's also a copy of it in the office and in the playroom.


If anyone's in a packaway setting, you'd want to put to it away each day of course. Or if you share the site with other users at the same time, that could be problematic for confidentiality.

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