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Someone I know has a child with SEN starting in a pre-school class soon.


She has been told that no adjustments will be made for her child because they don't have time and another child has higher needs.


She doesn't have a great choice of settings so she needs some advice as to how to get them to meet her child's needs. She may need to get an advisor or other professional to intervene. I don't know the Notts system but I have her email address if anyone is willing to give her some advice.


She's very worried and upset and doesn't know where to turn next.


Please PM me if you think you could give her any useful advice or contacts and I will send you more details.





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Thank you DCS. :1b


I've pointed her towards Parent Partnership at the moment, although I don't know how good that service is in Notts.


I can also give her details of ACE, SOSSEN and IPSEA if appropriate.


I am hoping for someone who knows the system in Notts who can give her more specific advice.


Do all pre-schools on Notts have access to Area Sencos or similar?

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Guest assunun

Hi, This is in contrvention of the Disability Discrimination Act. They are obliged to make reasonable adjustments for her child's needs. Try Contact a Family who will be able to help with advice for where to get help but also the Special Needs Code of Practice also has information on what settings should be doing. Although it is a large document it is set out in plain English (unusual for Government Document!) so she will be able to see what they setting are required to do. Sounds like the Nursery need some input from the County Council's setting help service.

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It's dreaful isn't it assunun.


Luckily a lovely member of this forum who has knowledge of the local services has offered to help her.


Unfortunately the SENCOP is not compulsory so some settings disregard it. They can't disregard the DDA though.

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