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shameless promotion but I received my copies of alistair bryce clegg 4 new books saturday and have spent the last 3 days pouring over them with the hugest smile on my face!! can't wait to try some of his ideas out

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Guest sn0wdr0p

I ordered all of them. Have stopped using Amazon when I realised how much cheaper they were from the book depository. I see my payment has gone out so hopefully getting them all tomorrow. I'm going to hide them though as my From Vacant to Engaged has disappeared and no one knows where it is. :angry: :mellow:


I'm really excited to hear you think they are so good max321

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i love him, i have seen him speak and he is a legend especially if you have boys (i mean as children, not pets or at work)


I only have girls, well 2 and one tomboy (all grown now), could really relate to his boy humour, never laughed so much.


He has written a few so what are the titles?

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