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Guest sn0wdr0p

Ofsted 3 weeks ago then today Environmental Health turned up.(Typical ! I had taken the day off) Do they all speak to each other I wonder. Just Health and Safety to turn up now.


We got a good from Ofsted. My deputy forgot to ask our grade today from Environmental Health but we got a 5 (the highest) last time and I would hope for the same this time. But it is getting a little wearing now and I wish I could get on without the feeling that we are constantly being checked on.


When Mr O came he thought we were only an out of school club as he had not been told we opened our day nursery expansion 18 months ago (yes -big sigh- I had informed Ofsted and they had acknowledged this). Then when EH turned up today she said I hear you are now a nursery !!!!! mmm strange isn't it.

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