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Code of Conduct - staff and students!


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Hi all


I wondered if anyone has a code of conduct they would be willing to share? I have a situation where I need one quite urgently, we don't have one but this is no longer an option!


living and working in the same area it seems that I need to add that however unfair it may seem personal conduct outside of the setting still reflects on the setting! so cross never had to do this before !!!!!

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I have a physical conduct code, but I guess that is not quite what you are looking for? If its any help I will find it, think it came from here in the first place.

thank you ZigZag I have got this too think it came from here as well :ph34r: was really needing something that explains about what professionalism and behaving professionally means, never had to have one before :( but have someone who is behaving very badly in personal time but it is reflecting on us :(

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