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Sleeping outdoors


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Just wondered if anyone has made provision for babies and young children to sleep outdoors throughout the year.

What considerations needed to be put in place before this was able to go ahead?

And what challenges ( if any) did you meet along the way?

How were you able to persuade practitioners and parents about the benefits of this practice?

Did you look abroad to give you inspiration?

I'd also be interested to hear from anyone who has a view or experience around this topic.

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I think they do it in Sweden or some other Scandinavian countries. It used to be common for babies to be put outside in the pram to sleep during the day. Maybe we all got soft?


It might give some ideas or at least have the debates sounded out, there's only a small bit about sleeping outside I think.

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I am a December-born baby and my mum used to put me out in all weathers ( the winters were much harder then!!), so long as I was wrapped up well, nice and snuggly.........out I went. I did the same with my own babies, cat net on to keep out bugs as well as the local moggies, and out they went. They were very good sleepers too and fairly robust little individuals, so i reckon it toughened them up and all that fresh air was good for them.

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