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New Job Worries!

Guest TinklePrincess

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Guest TinklePrincess

Hi everyone, I have just renewed my subscription after being away for a while (I was a member whilst I was at uni and doing my EYPS), so "Hi" again!!


I have just accepted a really great job offer and start my new role as senior nursery nurse / EYP at a private day nursery, a week on Monday. I feel grossly underprepared as I've only had experience through my degree and EYPS, I've never actually worked in a nursery. The managers must believe in me, though, as they offered it to me there and then!


Anyway, I'm a little concerned about how I can get on board with the staff when I start. I don't want them to think of me as someone who's just walzted in and trying to change everything, although the managers have pretty much given me free-reign. I want them to like me but I tend to try to please people and end up getting walked all over. How do I go in and assert myself but still show them that I'm a genuinely nice girl? Has anyone got any tips for me?


Thank you all so much for any help you can give!

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The thing I learnt when I went somewhere new on supply was to watch and work out the politics in a place before I started to get too involved and to watch the routines and how everyone worked. The 3 month probation most places have was a good period of time to be able to work out what I would change (not that I ever had the opportunity) and who could be relied on to follow their roles and who needed a bit of a push.

Take your time, talk to people, ask if they have any idea's they'd like to see implemented and explain any changes you'd like to make before you make them.

I'm sure you'll be fine, just introduce yourself and smile.

Good luck :1b

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Guest TinklePrincess

Thank you both! I do tend to overthink things, I'm just nervous!


I'm probably going to be on here 24/7 from now on! You were all such a great help to me during my degree!

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