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can anybody clarify a few things for me. i feel abit silly that i dont know this, but after a few phone calls today i dont feel as silly as i did, but a bit worried that OFSTED couldnt clarify this or my early years adviser,


although i know the ratios for all ages 1-3, 1-4,1-8 etc my confusion is the qualifications that is needed.


the EYFS states

there must be at least one member of staff must hold a level 3

at least half a level 2


is this overall in the setting at one time, or in per room at a time


also does students working towards a level 2 qualification count for anything.

im just thinking of a situation, i have 5 children in my toddler room 1-4 would it be staffed enough if i had a level 3 and a apprentice working toward level 2, or would it be based on the overall staff in the building


i.e if there was lots of level 3 in the building that day would it be suffiicient enough to have the level 3 (although over ratio in the room)but have the apprentice with them.



also can a level 2 be left in a room alone, or somebody who is not qualified although they have been CRB checked.



i am sorry in advance for rambeling on, hope you understand what i mean. ofsted didnt seem to have the answer over the per room or setting situation :/

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I dont know the answer, but I've worked in nurseries where I, as supply, have been the only L3 in a baby room with a L2 and an unqualified and when I was on lunch or if my hours didnt match there's, the answer was always that other L3s are on the premises. I've seen it done a few times.

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i thought it was per room, and yes a student does count if they are over 17 and you deem them capable but i thought that they could not take them to the toilet.


might just be making this up !! as it is 6 in the morning and it is saturday and im awake <_<

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Whenever we have queried this with OFSTED, we have always been advised that they are more interested in the overall ratio of qualified to unqualified (actually working at that time that is), rather than that in each room at any moment in time, as they acknowledge that staff may move about and also take breaks, etc.


We would advise our nurseries, if in any doubt, to get any advise from OFSTED in writing , usually this is via email, which you can then file as evidence should it ever be queried.

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