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Who Speaks To The Staff? In A Committee Run Group


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If you are making a change to staff contracts, as a manager do you get involved? or do you leave it to committee to do it?


Do the staff work for the committee or for the manager?

My contract states that I 'supervise the day to day running of the pre-school'


I ask because we have had to reduce hours of all staff and because I was in the meetings some of the staff seem to think I'm to blame and it's causing an atmosphere, I'm wondering if I should've been involved in the meeting, although it is for the good of the setting it wasn't my decision it was committee.

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Any decision of that nature should be made by the committee, the committee are the employers of the staff. I would talk to the manager and explain to her what we were proposing and why and then tell the rest of the staff. The manager would maybe brief them first but we have a fabulous working partnership so I think they would all know it wasnt the managers decision.

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Oh dear thats a shame that they are implying its your fault.

At our committee meetings as a Supervisor/Manager i attend in a listening and guiding capacity.

I run the day to day working of the setting with my trusty team, but the Committee are our employers.

Any decisions are voted on and agreed by all members of the Committee.

The only time i would not wish to be in attendance is when they are discussing any wage decisions that could affect me.

However i am always in attendance with regard to any wage changes for all other staff.

Do you have minutes of the meeting that they could view to see how these difficult decisions were made. Or would that not be appropriate.

I'm sure both yourself and the Committee have thought of all other options before taking this action.

Not the nice bit of our job role. Virtual hugs Fx

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as said.. committee are the employers and make all those decisions... although manager can be present at the meetings in an advisory capacity in most cases, final decision is committee... and they should be the ones to tell the staff , with reasons,


our hours were never set in our contract anyway and we all knew they could go down at any time.. and we were on flexible hours contract... we all knew that it was either lose hours or a member of staff became redundant... so we tended to work together and sort it out , not strictly what should happen but gave for happy staff as they all had input into the decision and how it came about... committee always had to approve it though they never disputed it!

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