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Operational Plan......gone!


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Well kind of! I was super brave today and decided what is the point of having a blank of every form when I have it already as a master in other folders anyway....so I ditched all of that as it was a pain to maintain and have condensed 2 huge folders now into 1 that just contains any photos of things that OFSTED may not see on that day but we still do like Festivals, events, parent visitors etc. It is such a huge relief! I have just designed a sheet to stick at the front with a list of where they can find anything else they need form wise and it is a reference for myself too :rolleyes: Huge weight off my shoulders and cupboards xD:D :1b

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I just thought why am I doubling paperwork and photocopying everything when it is already out or available in the same cupboard! Plus things change often and I struggle to keep it up to date as well as everything else. I did think how will OFSTED know where anything is so have designed a sheet to show where everything is and how we meet requirements. I figure they can ask for something and we can find it for them rather than needing to sit with two huge folders and then still ask for stuff which is what they did last time, plus OFSTED lady was a bit sarcastic about having 2 big folders to look through!

Have I done the right thing.....??? Having doubts.....Oh no... :blink:

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