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Planning For A Mixed Reception And Nursery Class


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Hello Everyone. At the moment I am planning for a class of 14 reception children, 12 nursery children (soon to be 16 in Jan) and 1 T.A. I have a seperate phonics weekly plan to differentiate activities from phase 1 and 2 phonics, a CLL sheet, a MD sheet, a continuous provision sheet and a sheet with all the other areas on including Adult-Led activities. I feel a bit bogged down with lots of planning. I use previous observations from the children to plan activities for the next week. I was wondering how other mixed nursery and reception classes plan??


All suggestions would be much appreciated





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Hi Amy


Thanks for your post. Planning is a common theme and so here are a few threads that might offer some help;


Structuring A Typical Day In Foundation Stage


How Do You Plan


It can be quite useful when you have a rough planning structure in place to post it and invite feedback if you are happy to share your efforts :1b


Best wishes


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