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Help ! Invoices For Parents Claiming Over 15Hrs !


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After a long break of not having to do the invoices, i have decided to go back to doing them.

so - we have some children doing over their 15 hrs , over 2 settings.

i know how to calculate what the parent needs to pay.....but im finding it hard to show the parents (in a simple easy to understand manner) how its worked out !!


this is how i calculate it..... (we are lego preschool.....jimmy riddle is the child lol !!!)


jimmy riddle


lego preschool - claims 3 hours

duplo preschool -claims 18 hours


total hours claimed - 21 hours



lego preschool 3 hrs / 21 x 15 = 2.14 funded hours received

duplo preschool -18hrs / 21 x 15 = 12.85 funded hours received



lego preschool need to charge and extra 3/4 hr per week


how do others do their invoices ???

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Depends how funding works in your area. We get funding as a priority if parent signed up with us first!

So if you are second setting then you would charge for all hours as duplo setting would get all 15 free and charge for 3.

Our parents have to claim a minimum of 2.5 hours in one session to get funding and as a result one of our children who has 11 hours at another setting can only get funding for 1 x 3 hour session with us and pays full rate for her other 3 hour session.


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Here in Essex parents have to fill in a form declaring the hours they want funded over a term, for each setting that the child attends (two settings only) up to the maximum of 15 hours per week for 14 weeks (Autumn term.) If they take extra hours then these are charged at the settings current fee rate.

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We only show our hours for our setting - our invoicing system is set up so the parent sees the total amount of hours accessed in a month and below that the amount of NEG hours deducted from the total ( usually 60 depending on number of days ,but for our all year rounders who split over 12 months its 47.5 ) so the parent can see how much neg has been applied, then the outstanding payable balance.

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