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Dm Statements On One Sheet

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It's been a long day! Do you mean all the DM statements for PSED for all age ranges? If so my answer is no - sorry


what I have got is the DM statments for all 7 areas for 16-26 on one sheet and the same for 22-36 30-50 and 40-60


I started off really well getting all 7 boxes on an A4 sheet but the later age ranges have more info and it became impossible to get on an A4 sheet if there was going to be any chance of actually reading it! I now have them all on A3 sheets and the 40-60 was a squeeze to get on! If A3 is any good i will happily share

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Thanks Kic106, brilliant. Do you have a way of making them into a word document so can be cut and pasted into planning etc. If not will see what our wonderful ICT men can do tomorrow

Thank You again


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