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New Planning Format For Specific/prime Areas

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So I have been trying to put together some new planning formats for Sept and have come up with this. Any feedback, advice would be greatly, greatly appreciated - I keep changing my mind about what to do! Keyworkers plan for individual children on the enhance provision sheets and I plan activities/experiences to offer a broad range of learning areas and outcomes.

Planning format.docx

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Thank you for sharing this, it is very good and i like the idea of linking the specific to the prime as you have. It really makes sense to do this. So i take it this way: If you are doing a Maths activity with your children, you only need the Maths section, ie the half of the sheet. Would it be a good idea to have the top half as you have, and then the bottom half could be your enhancements for the areas included in Maths primarily. Maybe pick just 4 areas if possible? So then you are just using the 1 sheet depending on the focused activity. You could then have these sheets in the areas needed... for the staff to utilise.


I like where this is going :D

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Thank you for sharing your plans. It is really great to see that you have linked specific and prime areas as this was what I had in mind as I feel the prime underpin the specific but having not seen anyone else doing it this way I was beginning to think I'd completely got the wrong idea.

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