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Hi - does anybody have a MTP format which is relevant for the new EYFS that they would be willing to share, or can anybody point me in the right direction of where I might find some examples which have been shared/discussed previously?


Many thanks in anticipation . :)

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I use these. MTP Autumn 1 2011.doc MTP Autumn 2.doc


My MTP is an action plan based on a review of the previous term. There are no references to topics, as these are based on the children's interests throughout the term, there is a section noting religious/cultural festivals and special occasions as I will be planning activities for these.


The 'Focus Children/Curriculum coverage' section details the scale points I would look to be covering in the short term planning and the children to focus on (usually those children who need extending or extra support). These are based on next steps from the pupil progress assessments and any gaps in curriculum areas.

I will be changing this section, putting in the new areas of the curriculum and instead of scale points I will have the DMs (and later on in the year the ELGs).


The other sections of the plan, I think, are self-explanatory.


I have found that the plan is useful as it feeds into the short term planning well.

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