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Is This Expectation Unreasonable?

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Morning all.


I have had another dreadful nights sleep and decided a little moan on here and an opportunity to gather thoughts from those outside of my family or work space might help lighten my mood!


It's a long winded tale and I don't want to air It all publicly right now but here is the situation I find myself in.


I am paid at level 4 and I am called the extended school manager. I work in morning (maintained) nursery and I also work and manage afternoon (private) nursery.

I also manage breakfast club, lunch club and after school club. Besides the morning nursery sessions the rest of my job is involved with all issues to do with wraparound care.


I am a qualified NNEB, I have a foundation degree in early years, I have my EYPS and have enough of my BA in early years to class as having a non honours degree, but I am returning to uni in September to do the last 4 modules of the BA.

I have worked with children for 30 years ( because I am way old!!! Or maybe because I started SO young!!!)


I researched and set up our wraparound care and interviewed and chose my staff. My Head teacher has always been fully supportive of my ideas and choices.


However that Head left suddenly and we found ourselves with an acting Head. Very nice and she has worked hard to help our school.

She hasn't had the time to get to know any of us and our roles very well and a new Head starts in September.


Because of one thing and another I find myself 2 staff down for the coming term and


(here comes the aggravation)


I have not been included in the process of finding new wraparound staff.

I have pushed myself in various situations, for instance I gave the head my job descriptions and my person specs

I asked for two level 3 staff and the ad was for one level 3 and one level one ( even though I am losing 2 level 3's)

I wasn't asked to show staff round though I have done so when folks have rung and the Head hasn't been on site


The new Head short listed yesterday!


I was then asked if I would LIKE to interview for the temporary job - I said yes


But then she asked my colleague to do the interview for the permanent position!

Yes my colleague is the FS co ordinator BUT she has never been asked to interview before, and she has nothing to do with wraparound AT ALL and the hours the staff member will work mean she will not have to work with the staff member at all.

I will be working with her every single day!!!!

My colleague pointed out all of this to the Head who basically said you are FS co ordinator it's your job.


I am flabbergasted.


Before legislation changed and wraparound came under the school umbrella the private provision was Ofsteded and it got all outstandings with one good. The chair of governors told me a month ago what a great job I was doing.


So why am I being treated as though I have no qualifications or experience?


I feel like handing in my notice and trying to find a post where I will be appreciated but I have so many other plans and things I want to do in this role.


It's been a hard academic year with school stuff and on a personal front, i had surgery to remove cancer but I only had 4 weeks off and i try to give my job my all. I have always loved work and now I am not sleeping properly and I feel undermined and under valued.


So wise ones am I seeing this out of perspective? Am I right to feel wronged? What do you think?


Answers on a postcard please!!


Ok on here wil be fine, save the postage!!

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Firstly big hugs to you- how rotten!


I think you are right to feel agreived, the new head obviously does not understand fully how the system has worked in the school. When we interview there is usually three of us,the manager and 2 commttee, I always have their direct line manager involved.

Have you personall spoken to the head and explained why you think its important for you to be in both interviews? Is it worth speaking to the Chair of Governors and explaining your concerns?


Sorry not much help - keep your chin up


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ok ....i agree bloomin annnoying! :( however i think what's done is done and this head won't be there in September. When you have worked so hard getting things sorted (and getting your qualifications) it can be really annoying when people interfere but sometimes you just have to accept and move on. All you can do is ensure that this doesn't happen again so when the new head starts i would try to get some time with them to lay your cards on the table and explain where you are coming from. I'm not sure there is anything you can do with these two new members of staff (and i'd have to agree that a level 1 for a level 3 is not a good swop!!)...unless you can ask them to do a trail day??? Hummm feeling a bit cross for you now i've written this :angry:


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Sending you a big hug, it must me very demoralising for you.

If you lived my way on, I would offer you a job!

It sounds like you are a member of staff to be treasured not made to feel the way you do.

Perhaps a calm chat with the head to just explain how you are feeling, as the head has probably not even thought about it, and might actually be devastated to know how you feel - just a thought...

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I can understand why you feel like you do and can only suggest that you talk to your HT. It doesnt sound as if she has any particular regard for your job title or role but that is impossible to know and only conjecture from what you have said. If you are in a union, you may be able to get some help from them. You could take your concerns to the Governors. In the worse case senario, you will probably find you need to look for a new job.

Chin up and good luck.

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Are you responsible for inducting the new staff? Do they each have a probationary period? If so, you can play a part in whether or not they stay at your setting depending on how they perform during their initial weeks. I know you're upset about not being included so far, but I would be more concerned with who they've chosen for the job and whether or not they were the most suitable from the applicants. If, after induction and supervision for the first half-term or so, you are happy with them, then there's no real damage done and your setting has two new effective members of staff :1b

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acting HT sounds like a moron, and thank god he/she is going! very unfair..... and undermining you. and not listening to foundation stage coordinator either. it must be tricky for them too (fs coord). i feel it is most unfair to swap level 3 for level 1. all they care about is saving money..... you sound like a brilliant, experienced and hard worker. and you are stuck with someone else's choice.... this is not great way to build up goodwill amongst staff. and we're all tired at the end of year. stick with it though. new satff may be fine and you have lots you want to do. think of the lovely parents/children/staff already there, and it's onward and upward for you. do register a complaint with or speak to head/govs to ensure it doesn't happen again to you or anyone else x

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I can fully understand just how you are feeling, feeling undervalued, ignored after all your hard work and dedication to your job and having to cope with your own illness, you feel slighted. It is the end of the school year and everyone is frazzled and emotional which never helps anyone.

It can be very uncomfortable when change happens and when you have a new HT. The HT will have their own ideas and ways of working. You are having to cope with two changes, a temporary HT and now a new one arriving. S/he will make their mark and they will have had different experiences of how to organise their schools from the past, and their own ideas for the future. Things will not necessarily carry on in the same way. For example it is very unlikely that the HT has advertised TA posts and grades without the approval of the Governing Body, as these things will have been discussed at Governors meetings and been approved. Presumably they would look at ratios and costings. If ratios are wrong then point that out. As we all know budgets are being cut all over the place and schools need to rein in their budgets like everyone else.

I would make sure that you write yourself a brief CV including everything you do within your role, so that you can talk with your new HT next term. In my experience a new HT will talk to staff individually to find out what they do, what their aspirations are etc. and you will be ready to do that. Tell her how you feel if need be. In the meantime continue to do your job well and be supportive. It takes time for someone to get to know the dynamics of your school and the staff, and time to get to know your HT. First impressions do count so don't jump the gun at the start.

There is a model for what happens when new teams work together, forming, storming, norming, performing. Expect change, but remember it might end up better not worse, we hope !

I do hope it all goes well and have a good break over the summer.

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Well today is the interview day for the permanent position that my colleague has been asked to do.


We are in the last 2 days of the term but no children are in nursery or school at all due to moving rooms and furniture etc following a big build that just finished.


I am trying to keep calm but it's dreadfully difficult when inside I am raging and furious and so unhappy.


I hope to get to the end of tomorrow without blowing a fuse and then use the summer break to gain some perspective.


The temporary job interview I am doing tomorrow involves the chair of governors so if there's an opportunity I intend to make sure she is aware of how I feel.


Have a good day all x

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Do you belong to a union? If so can you seek advice from them. Also, who would you normally go to if you had a problem with HT, Can you speak to them. You don't want to let your feelings fester as you will end up imploding.

Good luck!

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