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Do You Praise Girls' Appearance More Than Boys'?


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I've always tried not to overly praise girls for their new dress/shoes/hair because I didn't want them to think that what you look like (and the kinds of clothes your parents can afford) is more important than the kind of person you are, and wondered if I was just being a bit prissy.


This blog is an interesting read from a mother's perspective, and I wonderd what you'd make of it?



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Started to read and thought 'I know I've read something about this on Huffington Post a while ago' then read further down and there it was. I thought it was interesting and printed it out for my staff to read. I think it's part of our culture to admire and praise little girls for their looks/clothes and maybe they come to expect it, but when you think about it, that just seems so old-fashioned. I'll be interested to see what others have to say.


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