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Olympic Role Play Ideas

Guest nictay

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Guest nictay


Looking for inspiration for a role play area linked to the olympics.....

Having an olympic events running throughout the setting for the children to take part in. Role play is the one area that I'd like to involve but really stuck on ideas!!

Thanks in advance!

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We have an olympic stadium in our outdoor area -


an area we have "fenced off" using the go go balance and we have made like a gate entry way into it.

The fence runs along one side and on there we have stuck laminated faces that the children have pained (as the spectators)

We used canes and strings to be able to hang world flags, some of which the children have pained and we attached some canes to the go go balance and have union jacks on that


Inside we have a sports shop!

Each day some of the sports shop equipment goes into the stadium for that days olypmic sport!!


The children have drawn lots of pictures about sports and "written" letters about what sport they would like to win a medal in.


Any of that help?!!

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