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we are looking at ways to increase our profile, and we are having a brainstorming meeting next week to discuss ideas - so far we have come up with


* poster blitz the surrounding area -shops, leisure centres, soft play, cafe's, health centres etc

*display board in .local gp surgery (showing activities we have done etc) -with information leaflets

*set up 'something' at the village fete - not sure what tho ? we'd like to showcase what we do, not nessesarily make money

*leaflet drop the village

* incentives to current parents -'introduce a new child, get a free session' type thing

*articles in local papers


any other ideas? - no matter how wild and wacky !

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We used to do a leaflet advertising pre-school with 5 free taster sessions on it, we blitzed all the local groups with these. We also put leaflets in NCT sales bags which are held twice yearly in our area.


Can you set up some type of physical activity at your local fete, parachute, obstacle course bit like a mini olympics and have a display with it of all the lovely things you do?


So many people tell us, I didn't know you were here, we've been there 23 years! We are often in the local paper, I send a photo and a little write up, we have posters in the library, doctors. I've invited the health visitor in, although she's not appeared.....


One of our parents has also sent up a parent facebook page for local parents and she lets me put events on there, bit of free advertising especially with our new nursery opening!

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An open morning to showcase some of your activities, especially if you could give a presentation perhaps on the new EYFS or ECAT for example, with coffee and cake! One day I will get round to this myself!

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Hi we take part in our local Carnival, a fantastic way to showcase the fun setting we are. The children, parents, staff all dress up and really get into the community spirit of things. We also give out flyers as we go along to any prospective families with little ones. We always get phone calls after this event. We are also told didn't know you were there, even though we have been here for 44 years. Anything you do that can go in the press with permission, always raises your profile too. Good luck with this.:)

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have you identified where your children come from now,? are there any local areas that you do not get children from? what are baby numbers like in the area? what are your unique selling points? ...if you have already thought about all of this then forgive me...if not you might want to target your audience a bit more. A blanket approach is often expensive and will not bring you more than a 1-2% response....targetted advertising will bring a much higher return rate.

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