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Sickness & Diarrhoea (Sorry)

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Sorry about the subject matter!!!


Not posted in a while but does anyone have a policy on Sickness & Diarrhoea for staff as it's the biggest excuse for time off in our nursery because of the 48 hour rule. How do you deal with this in your setting?


We have the policy of 48 hours but wonder if any settings ask for a doctors note or ask staff to provide a sample to prove they are clear of infection etc??


Here's hoping ! :wacko:

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we also have 48 hour policy but wouldnt ask for doctors note as not sure they would be able to get one.

if you keep a record of these times off you could talk to the staff member about their sickness record - do you have a maximum number of days a staff member can take off paid?

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Just think it is easy for staff to say sickness and diarrhoea. We do monitor sickness and do return to work's so was just wondering if anyone does anything different. The thought of having the time off unpaid appears not to be a strong enough deterrent!

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That is very depressing, Cleverclowns, re lack of deterrent :( We now do return to work forms and I refer to attendance during termly supervision meetings. It's a very small nursery bo not many staff but the review of absence levels has helped with one person. No easy answer!

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Ours is 24 hours for staff for the reasons above re. hygiene etc, and despite a rigorous sickness policy there are still some that try and swing the lead - that's where the return to work interviews have helped, as they know they will have to discuss it and I am monitoring it !

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we have a 24hour for staff because they are adults and a NO going near the kitchen or food, We also do a return to work which works well,


I do know of a setting that reward staff members for not being sick and late for work, I think it was a £25 gift voucher ether termly or 6 monthly but that if you can aford it not sure we could,

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