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I have one member of staff who used to work for 13.5 hours a week. We decided to work the pay out by working out how much she earns per week, times it by 38 weeks which we are open and adding the holiday pay, then divided it into 12 monthly payments so that she got the same amount each month.


Now we have extended our opening hours and she is working an extra 4 hours.


How do I work this out? Do I do the how thing again or would that make it too much.


I will have to change it again in September as we are opening more sessions then.



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Mine do this too, and I just class the new hours as 'overtime' and pay her at the same rate per hour. THis means it fluctuates each month, but it's not worth doing the maths, just for a couple of months! It shows on her payslip as 'core hours' and 'overtime'.


Work it out fresh from September. I do a calendar showing how many Monday, Tuesdays etc in the year then I know how many hours someone will work across the year

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