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Hiya, wondering if anyone has or can direct me to the development matters grid which has the emerging/developing/secure /comments columns. Id found an example with the Southampton learning journy guidelines but cant find the acutal development grids for six areas themselves. Thanks for any suggestions on where to go on this.


thanks in advance



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I assume that it's the Profile chart you're looking for - the one with the descriptions for

'emerging/expected/exceeding', for each area of learning.


The grid, published in the draft of the EYFS has been abandoned, as far as I'm aware.


Guidance to the new Profile isn't published yet.


I suggest that you look at the DfE website for accurate information.

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Hiya, thought I would share this as Ive done it ;) though I know things will change soon come September! When I find the wellbeing/involvement doc I was refering to in another post will let you know where it is. Not sure about uploading it due to copywright ? Apols cos its only 22-36 Ive done !!


best wishes




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