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Hi Everyone,


Its been a long time since posting on here and its taken me about an hour to figure it out.


but anyways................... i would like to ask you all for any advice, support and templates that you may have?


i work in a day nursery in the west midlands, which i would call a large nursery (84 children). The practitioners at the setting have struggled for sometime with knowledge on the planning system and the EYFS, however we have supported each other and now are getting somewhere. i have recently implemented a new planning system as i believe the girls were ready and it is going well.


Having said this, we do not feel it is working well within our baby room (0-1 years), as you will all know youself.... planning a little in advance does not work due to the indidvdual needs of each baby on any given day. therefore im looking for any advice how i can change my planning to take this in account but still have a broad learning intention(s) or does anyone have the opinion that this is wrong? do babies learning intentions change daily according to their needs on that day?


does anyone have templates on how they do planning in the baby room, any help will be greatly appreciated.


i've look at that many pieces of paper, im confusing myself.


thank you for your support

Jod :)

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I hate it when you take the trouble to post and no one replies. I can't actually help as we are pre school group and haven't got a baby room but hopefully someone will have some advice soon x

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Replying so you don't feel everyone is ignoring you!


I am a childminder so I individually plan for my under 2's, then my over 2's individual and group planning (have a mix of full/part timers)


For my under 1's (when they were under 1) planning was based around their own routines and the continuos provision provided.

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