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Settling In A New Child Form


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With the new children coming in for visits soon,I am looking at re-designing a new settling in form, as the one I currently use, PSLA from 'Making their day' is 6 pages long and my team find it far too lengthy to complete with the parents.


Anybody got a good one in the 6, soon to become 7 developmental areas?

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Instead of using a long winded form, we have started having a single page with several boxes for parents to fill in with children titles include simply:

All about me - Who I live with;

I can do these things all by myself;

I am learning to do these things, but still need some help;

My favourite things;

I love to...;

I don't really like;


This page is stuck into the front of their learning journal, with a line at the bottom to say "please use the next few pages to add in photos, drawings or writing to tell us all about your child at home.


We then send the learning journals back home periodically (usually after a holiday) with a note saying "Look what I have been doing at home" & ask parents to add in a few more pictures etc. Helping it become far more of a joint record of child's development & learning.

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Hi dbrowne,


Thank-you for your thoughts. I have had ago at making my own form, so will attach what I have done so far.

Hope it is useful for those of you in pre-schools with 2 year olds.


Thank you for sharing :1b

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We used to fill in a form similar to this, but found that (with our parents at least) it turned into a bit of a long winded, almost interview style conversation. Now we tend to have an informal chat where I make notes on allergies, potty training etc and the rest is up to the parents as to how much detail they include (ie favourite things to do could include favourite songs, stories, tv shows, toys etc instead of having all of the individual questions to answer) But that is based on our families tho!

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