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I am the EYFS Leader at a small primary school, I have been asked to join the panel interviewing for a new pre-school leader (the pre-school is on our school site but not directly linked to us).

I have been asked to think of some questions but having never done this before I don't really know where to start!

Does anybody have an idea of the types of questions we should be asking apart from the general sagfeguarding/parental ones.


Many thanks.



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Hi, Why don't you ask about the EYFS. What they know about it. Also about the themes and committments. Do they know the areas of learning. Ask them how they would organise say a PS,RN number activity. Hope this helps.


We did this for our short listed people - I gave them one of the PSRN development matters statements and asked them to plan an activity which they then did with a small group of children (ones who I knew would be able to 'get it') it went really well, some people planned to an inch of their lives, some people just made resources but it did give a really good insight to how they would interact.

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you should be asking questions about quality and diversity (i was asked by the ofsted inspector about this !!) also maybe as the topic is very 'in ' and current you could ask them about what they know of the new eyfs (in other words are they reading new info and thinking about how it will affect their practise)also what about something like 'what is the last 'eduactional 'book you have read and do you think it will change your practise(are they a reflective practitioner???)

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