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I am very new to learning journey's and was just wondering do you have to have next steps for all observations, photo's, pieces of work etc. that go in the learning journey?


It seems like a lot of next steps to plan and provide?


We do link everything to the EYFS but is this enough and how much does need to have next steps?


Thanks :o

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can only tell you what works for us...the keyworker chooses(or observes themselves) one observation per fortnight for each of their children. This is then used, analysed as to what the child can do/response etc and how this could be taken further. These next steps then feed into the planning for the next 2 weeks...they are then evaluated and either repeated/changed and repeated making more or less difficult or changed for a completely different area.....hope that makes sense!! :o so the learning stories record what the children have learnt and the next steps are where we want to take the childrens learning further

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We do lots of snapshot observations and where there is an obvious next step, this is written on the observation, however, most times this isn't the case. As you would expect, some weeks an individual child may have lots of obs, and other weeks hardly any. We have a sheet displayed with each child's next steps, which is then scribbled over as they achieve these and move on to other things. When it becomes really messy I type a new one out and we start again! This way everyone has a good idea of each child's next steps, whether or not they are the child's key worker, and it helps me with planning too.

Not sure if this is the right way, but seems to work for us!

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