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Hi all

Well just been told by school (so not got much info!) that over the easter holidays there will be no electricity. Not told for how long etc. Im now trying to think just exactly how this will affect the holiday club.


No lights - maybe have to close early? What if it was raining/gloomy??!!! Lots of battery operated torches?

No cooking facilities - could do fruit/veg/cold snack

Not sure if fire alarms/smoke alarms would work??

No fridge for food storage

Not sure if the telephone would work... its one of those that connects to a unit to answermachine?

Door alarms/cctv will not work


Heating should be ok

Toilets ok


Is there something I may have missed?

Parents are very dependent on us and would hate to think that we had to close because of this.Any advice appreciated

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would inform ofsted immediately as you should do this , they may offer some advice to an alternative if not is there anywhere else you could situate yourselves for the hoildays, smoke alarms etc would run off electric , you could use mobile for telephone , but I really would ring ofsted first before you decide to open -good luck as least you have been given some notice

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Heating may also be affected if it is a water system with a pump.. that needs the electricity to work...


most of the other things can be overcome or worked around as you have suggested... cold storage could use a cool bag with ice blocks brought form home, ok for a day in emergency..


i assume they bring lunch... could have a few flasks of hot water for just in case.

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Children bring in their own packed lunch. If the heating is affected then we would have toclose.


Do you think we need to inform OFSTED if we risk assess and put in place such as mobile phone etc?


There isnt really anywhere else for us to use and think that would be a bigger concern for OFSTED.


Getting mixed messages at the moment. Caretaker was the one that originally told manager but building works manager says that the room we are in will be ok. Will be glad when this is all over with!

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I would ask and get confirmation of this happening.. may be nothing to worry about.


then do the risk assessment as if no power.. list what you will provide as an alternative - remembering to teach the children the alternative if needed for things like fire bell..


do a letter for parents with the alternatives and telephone number for the days etc..


do check the heating .. many do go down with no electricity


not sure as you are not using different premises if I would ring Ofsted.. think i would go with the my decision and I have checked all will be covered.. a bit like if I was having an outing...

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I'm surprised that you haven't been officially informed to be honest as you are on the school's premises, so should be given consideration. I think I would go and see the Head teacher and get all the information directly from him/her. Then you can have a discussion about the implications for your club and possible solutions.

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The head has deemed it that we liase with the site manager! Anyway site manager has just called me to say that the heating will be off, electric off and glass panes in the playground so think thats my decision made! Its just sorting out timings but seeing as this cant happen whilst school is open it makes sense that it is done during the holidays. There is apparently a meeting Tues night so hopefully we will be told officially wed then we can let parents know.


Think we are going to signpost other childacre options for them. There have been queries from staff about pay. Think we are going to pay them anyway :o but maybe have them on standby so if at the last minute things change and it doesnt go ahead we could potentially open. The builders are already over a week late.


Thanks everyone for the advice, ideas.

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