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Not too long ago i had to deal with an incident which involved staff uploading a photo to facebook...

Ex chair was aware but I dont think she told any of the committee and she let me deal with it 'informally' because staff member seemed to truly not be aware the policy applied to this specific situation. The only record is the one I hold (signed by myself and staff member) and no one else is aware this happened.


Anyway I've now learned that someone noticed this staff member was checking facebook pages during their break today on the works computer... this also comes after another general reminder to all staff about social networking / confidentiality etc...so its not as if its something in the distant past ...

Im actually really cross and cant believe the staff member has done this...the staff member cannot say they didnt know !!!


Maybe I'm overreacting - they didnt post anything this time and I dont know how long they were on it or their reason...boredom?? but fact is they shouldnt be on it at all.

Its half term now of course so I have some time to consider what to do...I feel I should at the least involve the current chair and share the record I have...and see what they think should happen next...but how would you deal with this...would you just go ahead and hand the matter over or wait and speak to staff member first and tell them what you intend to do?...or would you just speak to them informally again since nothing 'happened'?

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Hi Trekker.

I think there are two issues here.

First what are the reasons that you don't want staff to use facebook in their own time ..is it the use of the work computer that concerns you? If this is the issue, then can you block access to that site..I'm not a teccky wiz but many people here are, if you need to know how to do that.


Next, if you have expressed in no uncertain terms in your esafety (or whatever equivalent) policy ,that staff cannot use the work computer to access facebook, then you probably need to proceed to a verbal warning with full knowledge of the committee chair. It could be down to exactly how your policy is written and whether or not it can be misinterpreted.

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you block access to that site


Well that would be a start - might be able to work out how to..but if anyone has a quick 'how to' that'd be good....

I guess my main issue is that we have a policy that staff they may not access mobile phones (for calls, photography or internet use) unless off site...so have to physically go out the door in breaks if they want to do that ...this came after previous issue with the photo taken on phone in setting then posted...

Then a few days ago she asked me if she could use the works computer to go on the internet during her break (as id forbidden it on the phone unless off site...OR if doing on line course at specific time alocated for this) and I had said no because of the social networking policy (which says use of work PCs for social networking is not considered appropriate) and mentioned fact that itd be a temptation to go on these sites so not a good idea ... she basically ignored it and has done it anyway...when i wasnt there


Ive been giving it lots of thought today and I feel she probably needs a wake up call..she is prone to saying "i didnt know" and " i dont understand" if I have to talk to her about anything related to policy (and shes been asked twice now to review her knowledge of them and Ive gone over them verbally too) ... I just dont feel shes really taking the job seriously ... really the last incident would have gone further if it had been anyone else - but because she really didnt seem aware it was wrong at the time the chair and I believed it was a inexperience thing and would be a one off...


part of me is still thinking nothing happened, it was harmless (BTW I am now wondering after your reply - do other settings allow access to social networking sites during breaks??) ...but she knew I'd said no ...so there in itself is an issue...perhaps I should focus on that rather than the facebook aspect..

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Although personally I hate social networking site with a passion - in this day and age I'm not sure how you can stop staff accessing it on mobile devices during their own time (lunch breaks etc).


On a works system it would be a complete 'no no' for me.............................. but then again I know of settings that have their own facebook page.


You could bring this us at next staff meeting (brought forward to the earliest possible date!) and remind all staff of policy- rather than singling out staff member. From then on make it formal should staff member continue to abuse the policy.


I genuinely think some people are addicted to such sites, and, much as I hate them I think we are all going to have to adapt having them around eventually.



Just wanted to add that last week-end I brought a camera for work - which has the ability to directly upload photos onto facebook!! - Not the reason I bought it I might add - but it just shows the way things are moving forwards nowadays.

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Hi Trekker, I sense this is more the 'tip of the iceberg'? If it is, then you need to address these things through supervisions (if you have them?)


Bearing in mind you heard from someone else, she could argue her word against theirs. So as Loubylou said, you could address this through a staff meeting along the lines of... you are aware that facebook is still being accessed on the setting PC and this is against your policy. Is everyone clear about the policy and why it is there? After that, if she does it again, verbal warning would be next.

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If you haven't cleared the browser history it would be easy enough to see if Facebook had been accessed, and the date and time of the incident. It might be wise to check this and take a screenshot in case she denies having done it.

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I was thinking the same... check the history on the browser... tells you where and when it could have been used, could then use this to add to any staff meetings.. perhaps not saying how but that you do have proof .. tell them how you know and they will delete the history after using it or use an incognito window..

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At our school facebook is blocked on the work PCs (along with several other sites, hotmail, youtube etc) and if anyone attempts to access any of these sites an alert is sent to the ICT technician who then questions the person whose log in it has appeared on (do your staff each have separate log ins?). I wouldn't have a clue how to set up this system but obviously it's possible.

Maybe just the threat of setting up something like this if it continues would curb the problem?

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Our policy is that mobile phones cannot be used on the playroom floor - so if a member of staff needs to have their phone on for the washing machine repair man to phone, it needs to be in the office; if they want to check their phone at break time, they need to do it outside of the playroom - in the office, in the lobby away from the children or outside the building.


We don't specifically say no accessing facebook etc on the work computer but do have a policy covering facebook use - no discussion of work issues, don't friend parents without good reason (I've got 5 facebook friends that are or were preschool parents, but all before the guidance about not having them as friends came about & all were my friends outside of preschool before their children came to preschool).


Our playroom computer doesn't have internet access, and the rest of the staff don't have accounts on the laptops which are kept in the office with sensitive information, so in your situation, I'd be questioning what else she accessed when illicitly on facebook.


I think I'd be flagging it up with the current chair to make her/him aware of the history & the current situation, to CYA and to be making the chair aware of it in case the staff member decides to put in a complaint about your saying she can't go on facebook...

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