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At present I have one of our relief staff covering all day Thursday/Friday purely because we are so busy and I'm not getting time out of the ratio for paperwork. I didn't advertise as it was a spur of the minute decision and the staff member is on a temporary contract until end of summer term.

However looking towards September I am nearly full and will need an extra member of staff permanently, do I have to advertise or can the relief member of staff just become permanent? She is happy to take the hours on a permanent basis.



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If she is relief than I can't see why you would have to advertise.


However do you have someone else who can cover sickness etc?


We have a member who volunteers and as time goes on she gets more hours over the year.


When we recruited in October we were told that we didn't need to advertise as we are a small business but we wanted someone to match the skills of an employee we were lossing

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I've been in this situation a few times, and because of equal ops and you never know you may get someone better apply for the job - I've always advertised and then ended up having the person we were using anyway!

Last time I decided I wouldn't do it again as it's just a paper exercise.

You are obviously happy with this person, so I'd go with it - if you weren't happy with the person you'd advertise.

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I think if you are following safer recruitment procedures, (you can do the online course at CWDC do need to advertise for a permanent post especially if the person has never undergone an application/interview process. They should also have a proper induction (documented) and probationary period.


You should also have a recruitment policy which you should be following for all new employees.

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