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HI I have a few questions


Hi how many times for term do you inform parents of their childs development?


How do you register children in?


how do you set your plans for parents to view??

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Hi okay the learning journals are on display each term although parents can look at them each day and ask any questions with the child's keyperson.

Our children self- register using their names cards on arrival, a staff member then does a formal register tick off and then counts the children attending.

We send out a parent/carer learning sheet each half term, giving a loose overview of some areas we maybe exploring and ideas of activities they may like to support their child's learning with at home.

We also have a weekly sheet on display on our learning wall.

Hope this helps. :o

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we are a packaway nursery - at the moment the children self register and we mark them in - however do the parents have to do this??????

can you send me a sample of what you show the parents re planning???

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We have amember of staff who meets and greets and marks children in, the children then self register using name cards whihc they add to a velcro wall poster. We don't take a register as it takes too long and the children get fidgety so we stopped.

Parents receive a learning summary of acheivements and next steps each half term, with a parents evening each term Planning is on display in the playroom but I put a summary of what each key group will be doing each day plus what our overview topic/focus is on the parents noticeboard, I find this is easier for them to decipher than our planning sheet. so for example it might say:

Week ending 10/02/12

Focus area -Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy - calculating


Gemma Green Group will be painting with sponges

Debbies Blue Group will be exploring the magnifying glasses


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We sometime just write on a whiteboard what we're going to cover each week, but this term we have a big calendar on the wall showing what we're doing each day. It says underneath 'Please ask your Key Person if you would like to see the planning for your child', because often the planning outcomes are different for each child. It's a lot simpler this way and saves us a lot of work

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Hi do you have a template of the summary please I am just updating systems


If you mean the summary of learning acheivments then i use the one on the EYFS CDrom which I have altered slightly to meet my needs. Hopefully it is attached !


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